A Baby, A House, and A Vacation

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Jess, Molly and Clara on a brick tree-lined path

Yep friends, how’s this for a flyby of an update? So much big news from us in one little post. It’s been oh-so-busy here, but in all the best ways. We’ll get to all that in a sec. But I’ve missed you! I’ve missed this space and chatting about food and hearing from you.

Hopefully things calm down a bit here, and we can get back to focusing on all the food (as usual). Frank’s been doing all of his typical behind the scenes sort of blog-y stuff, but my photography and recipe testing have taken a back seat in this busy season. In addition to more food coming soon, there will be more family and baby posts coming in the future because…

Baby #3!

We are adding to our family with a third little girl in July! She’s a kicking machine these days and all is going great. We had them verify a couple times that it’s just one this time. 😉 As you can guess, in most ways this pregnancy has been physically easier than with the twins. (Though life with two three-year-olds means Frank and I are busier and much more sleep-deprived this time around – even before Baby 3 joins us.)

Jess, Molly and Clara on a brick tree-lined path

New House

With the addition of a new little lady to the family we needed a bit more space, so we bought a new house and are moving in a couple weeks. The new house is barely a mile away from where we’re living now, but it’s still about as complicated as any move we’ve done. (Okay, not quite as complicated as moving from Thailand to Kansas City.)

Molly and Clara coloring

The girls are loving that at the moment we have an empty house for them to spread out in. There have been elaborate art projects, indoor picnics, and ahem a few laps around the living room on princess scooters.

Molly and Clara having a picnic in the living room

Molly on the kitchen counter

Charleston, SC

If you follow on Instagram, we shared a bunch of stories and photos from our family trip to Charleston, South Carolina last week. It was such a fun place to vacation as a family. We even drove there and back and are no worse for the wear.

There were tons of great activities for kids, awesome food, and so many things to do. I’m pretty sure we successfully achieved our goal of eating as many biscuits and sampling as many bowls of grits as reasonably possible in a week. Oh, and we also ate fried shrimp, and fried chicken, and…lots of hush puppies. I’ll share a full post soon!

a plate of shrimp and fries

Last but not least, thanks so much to all of you who cooked and ate Thai food with us to celebrate Thai Food Month! And a big congrats to Joy who won the giveaway!




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  1. Such an adorable post. This post recall my childhood. My parents often travel with their children, Now I wander with my kids. I have enjoyed this article. Happy read 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Ahhh congrats Jess!!! So happy for you and your family! PS – the girls are so freakin adorable!

    1. Thank you Ashley!! Such a busy time over here, but all good things. 😉 Hope you guys are doing well!!

  3. Congratulations Jess. I don’t know what’s the name of your babies, they are so cute. Your photographer takes a cute picture.

  4. What exciting new for you and the rest of your family.
    I have been hearing about you and the girls for a long time since I lived near and went to grade school and
    high school with Frank’s mom>>>Mary Margaret…We had lunch together in Oct. when she was in Portland.
    So fun to connect with old friends after so many years.
    I love your recipes but especially enjoy see pictures of the girls.
    Mary Franced

  5. Congratulations, Jess, Frank, Molly and Ciara! What wonderful news that there will be another foodie in your family!

  6. I love this update! I’m so happy for you guys to become a family of five. How wonderful! And moving to a new house is exciting. I followed your Charleston trip on Instagram. How fun! We definitely want to go there someday. Thanks again for having such a great Thai Food Month contest.

    1. Thank you Joy! We highly recommend Charleston for families with kids! And it’s not SO far of a trip for you these days. 😉

      1. Charleston is closer for me than you. And if you could survive the drive with your girls while pregnant, then certainly I can with my boys! It really seems family friendly.

        1. It really is great for kids – your boys would love it! So many fun things to do. Just don’t go in the summer – It was already getting hot there in early April! 😉

  7. Congratulations on the new baby and the new house
    I really enjoy your little girls .I am sure they are excited as well