Molly and Clara – 7 Months

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Molly and Clara_7 Months

As promised by friends, family, and 823 mom blogs, each month with our girls is getting decidedly more fun than the last.  This seventh month has been the best by far with personalities emerging, lots of giggles, and independent playtime (woot woot!).

They are such funny little people and do some of the silliest things.  Including spending long stretches examining the same toys they have already seen a hundred times and sleeping with their feet in their hands (Molly’s favorite move).

Clara and Molly 7 Months

Molly and Clara are even interacting with one another which is both sweet and eye-opening.

Molly and Clara 7 Months

I keep getting glimmers of the wrestling matches we surely have in store.

Molly and Clara 7 Months

(Note Clara’s hair in the above photos.  Evidence that Frank was gone for bath night and I failed to tame her blond feathery fluff.)

Most days though, they are buddies, and I find myself thinking that it must be amazing to have a twin sister.  They will always have a built-in friend.

Molly and Clara 7 months

There were lots of fun events in this seventh month.

1) My home team made it to the World Series – go Royals!

Molly and Clara 7 Months_Royals

2) We celebrated the girls’ first Halloween.  Not to dwell on it, but their super cute pumpkin costumes got lost in the mail (although after repeated emails with a shall-remain-nameless overpriced baby store, I’ve come to doubt they were shipped at all).  Fortunately we got these onesies at our baby shower which were a cute stand-in.

Molly and Clara Thing 1 and Thing 2

3) We officially have two sitters!  Molly sat up on her own two days before their seven-month “birthday” and Clara sat up two days after (cheating a bit by sneaking this in to the seven-month update).  Never could I have imagined how proud they would be of themselves when they started sitting.  They totally know it’s a big milestone!

Molly Sitting_7 Months

4) We had our first family vacation.  Also known as that weekend where Clara and Molly refused to let their parents sit through an entire meal.  (Still had a great time.)

Pool Hua Hin Thailand

5) And last but not least, we’ve got a full month of solid food adventures under our belts.  The girls were pretty take-it-or-leave-it about their first solids, but seem to now be more interested in exploring and playing.  As far as I can tell, they love beets and broccoli.  This might be motherly projecting though…I love beets and broccoli.  My mother is a beet fiend, so maybe it’s hereditary.

Molly and Clara_Thanksgiving Molly and Clara_ 7 Months Molly and Clara 7 Months

On all other baby topics, things are great.  They’re growing like crazy.  Still sleeping at night from 6-6 with rarely a peep.  We’ve finally got a decent napping routine, although their naps are still usually quite short, and they still need four of them most days.

In general, I’m finding Clara and Molly to be such delightful people.  It’s a heck of a lot of work, this parenting thing, but I’m sure glad we get to do it.Clara 7 Months

And should I ever forget just how far we’ve come, the wonders of Google caused me to stumble on this gem of a day with 8-week-old twins.  I always wanted to write down the chaos of a day back then.  She captured it so perfectly, and that was every bit what a day with our little loves was like for a while.  I’m tired just thinking about it, and loving the moment we’re in.

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  1. Your girls are absolutely adorable, Jess. Miss
    our cubes @ed back in the day 😉 now that I’m cooking, I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

  2. I love seeing your little dolls… and I’m in Leavenworth County, Kansas, and the Royals broke our hearts, but what a
    great series!

  3. I remember another baby girl who didn’t let her parents sit through dinner.
    Particularly one night in Boston at Romagnolis Table .
    But, we forgave her because she was cute baby as well.


  4. You can’t imagine how much I love seeing the pictures of your adorable girls! I subscribed to the blog for your great recipes, but every time the babies show up….it’s a bright day! Wish I was around to baby sit!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Betty Luce