Molly and Clara – Two Years

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Molly and Clara Second Birthday_

The time has come again for me to lament the passage of time and say all the cliche parenting things about how fast my girls are growing up and how it just seems like yesterday that they were just teeny little peanuts.

Here they were a year ago…

Molly and Clara_One Year

And here they are just a couple days ago. Fully two years old.

Molly and Clara_Two Years

It’s like they turned into teenagers overnight. 😉

Molly and Clara_Easter 2016

We had a little brunch get-together just before their birthday. I made the strata (of course). And not surprisingly the “little” brunch turned incredibly celebratory and quite hysterical as Molly and Clara ate chocolate cake and opened all sorts of fun presents from family and friends.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday

At two years old Molly and Clara are dealing with all the things that come along with being toddlers. Lots of chatter, struggling to understand the impermanence of popsicles, grappling with the life lessons of Winnie the Pooh, and becoming obsessed with “big kids” and lawn mowers.

They are totally fun in their “twin-ness.” They are sharing bites, spontaneously hugging one another, kissing one another when they get “boo boos,” alerting us when the other has a runny nose, and laying in bed talking for up to an hour before falling asleep.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday


Molly loves all sorts of transportation and shouts every time she sees or hears a school bus, truck or airplane. Lately she’s been adamant that she needs to ride a school bus…which is a tricky request to grant. On a four day trip to D.C. last month, Molly shouted “BUS!” every time a city bus came by, proving that you really can’t know just how many buses there are there until your toddler exuberantly identifies every one.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday_-7

Molly loves animals and is a master at animal sounds. When we couldn’t come up with an accurate seagull sound, she decided that seagulls say “hee-hoo.”

Molly wants to hold all the things, carrying as many small toys around the house as she can hold at once. If we tell her we’re going somewhere, she looks down at whatever she has in her hands and says, “take?”

Molly and Clara Second Birthday

She continues to be a little ball of love, snuggling and loving on dolls and toys and members of her family. She’s got a great sense of humor that I can’t wait to see emerge more in the coming months.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday_-3


Clara is an independent little girl who has fully inherited the stubbornness of both her parents which we totally love (even though it presents daily challenges). She loves the outdoors, jumping in puddles, finding giant sticks, and chasing bugs. To Clara, bugs surely live a vibrant life, and just yesterday she told me that a ladybug was going “home” to have dinner with its mama.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday

Clara comes up with the most creative twists of language. She started saying “Yuppsies” every time something falls (her interpretation of “woops”) and recently brought me a pine cone from the backyard, saying “pineapple…yum!”

Clara inherited my sweet tooth and loves treats. She gets excited about anything that we call an adventure, even just running around in the backyard and exploring whatever we find there. She’s totally mischievous and has already mastered that word and its meaning.

Molly and Clara Second Birthday

At least once a day I ask her “Clara, are you being mischievous?” To which she almost always grins and answers “yes”.

We’re so excited for the upcoming third year of life with Molly and Clara. They’re keeping us busy but get more fun every day!

Molly and Clara Second Birthday

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Molly and Clara – Two Years

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  1. I have a little fella who is three and a half and gosh yes time sure does go fast. It’s lovely that you have taken the time to write a blog about them complete with a number of photos. The two-year-old stage is interesting in the sense that they start off not saying much and then end up saying loads then the three-year-old stage is when they become ‘threenagers’.

  2. Oh my goodness how are they two already???? They are just absolutely beautiful Jess! Happy happy birthday to Molly and Clara!!

  3. The twins are absolutely precious, Jess! It must be amazing to watch twins grow up and to see their individual personalities shine. Happy birthday to Molly & Clara! Looks like a lovely party. And you have a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday!

  4. I absolutely love this blog post, pictures of the girls, and updates about each girl. Happy 2nd birthday, Molly and Clara!

  5. Jess your darling girls are so adorable and I feel so lucky you share their stories with us. How precious they are! I remember my gals when they were two and I just said a few days ago to my husband… they are still now who they were at two! Lol! They just get older but remain every bit the same in personality. Happy Birthday to Molly and Clara!

    1. How fun, Karista! I really can imagine that we’ll look back and totally understand all their little ways in years to come. And thanks so much for cheering us on during this hectic time – you’re the best!