Molly and Clara – 4 Months

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Molly and Clara 4 months

I was looking back at old blog posts, and rediscovered my own wonderings about what the future would hold almost exactly a year ago, only a couple weeks before we knew that the future would hold a baby (or babies as the case would turn out to be).  Sometimes I still feel glimmers of that sense of shock that came when we discovered we were going to have twins – we wanted a baby and were blessed with two!  But these days, I obviously can’t imagine our life without Clara and Molly, and sometimes realize I can’t imagine what it must be like to have just one baby around.

Frank with Molly and Clara

At four months, I am seriously loving this baby age. The girls are interactive and observant, but still amenable to wandering around town with us – hanging out in their stroller or on our laps while we eat lunch or grab a coffee. We still have crazy moments, especially in the mornings.

Molly crying

Frank usually leaves for work by 6:15, so once he’s off, I’m in an all-out sprint to eat something, feed the girls and play with them for a few precious minutes, shower, put the girls down for a nap (it’s still so weird to me how they wake up and basically go right back to sleep), and get out the door by 7:30 looking like a decent impression of a professional.

Clara play mat

In this fourth month, Clara and Molly are also bigger and more relaxed (read: less fussy), so we’ve got a whole new list of activities that we can do as a family. My favorite by far are family walks that we’ve been taking in a park near our house. It is too hot here to have had them out for long when they were younger, but now they really seem to enjoy it. Frank and I get a couple of early morning laps in, and the girls nap or check out the scenery.

Molly and Clara stroller

Frank and the stroller

One serious preference that is emerging is that Clara and Molly absolutely love being outside. When they get restless during the day, we put them in their stroller and take for a walk around the grounds of our building and it cheers them up without fail. They love the trees and light and sounds. It makes me excited for the weather to cool off just a bit so we can spend even more time outdoors.

Molly and Clara blanket outside

We just got them swimming suits and swim diapers, so we’ll take them for their first dip in the pool soon!

I’m also loving that the girls’ personalities continue to emerge. They suddenly seem to have a sense of humor and will open their mouths with the biggest smiles if we make silly sounds or faces – it’s not quite an audible laugh just yet, but close. Singing (even very off-key) is a big hit, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider is a household favorite.Molly 4 months

Clara is a sleeping/napping champ, and sometimes gets a look on her face right before bed like – jeez Mom – just let me go to sleep already! Molly has been in a phase where she sometimes likes to wake up and have a little party at 5am. I hear her first chatter to herself before it turns into an all out holler for someone to come pay attention to her. Here’s hoping it’s a short-lived phase, and we once again get to “sleep in” until 6am.

Clara yawn

The big events of the fourth month have been:

1) Thai mother’s day. I was in a bit of a fog for American mother’s day (Clara and Molly were only 3 weeks old), but I got to spend it with my mom who was in town visiting! Frank offered to take me out for Thai Mother’s Day brunch in early August, which was so much fun. Plus, the girls heads are finally big enough to wear bows so we got less questions about their gender. Grow baby hair, grow!

Thai Mother's Day

2) Hiring a nanny. She’s amazing – both we and the girls adore her! Every evening I get a full run-down of the elaborate daily goings-on of naps, food, and diapers.  And at the end of the work day we get extra cute snuggles from babies who are dressed in absolutely hysterical outfits that the nanny has selected for them.

Clara napping

Jess with Molly and Clara

3) The return to work. I’d like to write more about this at some point, but Frank and I are both back to working full time. While I had some teary departures in the morning for the first week, I’ve had no doubts about my decision to return to work. I love the interesting challenges of my current job and equally love having someone wonderful whom I trust and who engages the babies all day (the nanny has “baby massage” time in their daily routine for heaven’s sake!). If both those things weren’t in place, we might be approaching this differently, but for now, it’s working out beautifully for all of us. And gosh do I look forward to spending time together just the four of us on the weekends!

Frank with Clara and Molly

4) Visitors! Our good friends Natalie and Ryan were in town and Clara and Molly loved spending time with them (almost as much as Frank and I did)!


They’re still just little peanuts – still slightly under 10 pounds at their four month check-up, but learning new skills at a lightning-fast pace and, in my entirely biased opinion, getting cuter every day.

Molly and Clara 4 months

Molly and Clara 4 months

Molly and Clara 4 months

Molly and Clara 4 months

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  1. Oh my — I stumbled across your website after following a recipe. But found something so much better — sweet beautiful babies!! They are simply adorable! My youngest baby is 13 years… it happened so fast!!