Molly and Clara – 3 months

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Molly and Clara 3 Months

Clara and Molly celebrated their three month birthday last week and are already barreling towards their fourth. In another season of life, I’d be disappointed that I didn’t get this snapshot of life recorded on the exact day I’d hoped to, but life has changed now in so many welcome ways. It’s hard to think about much else when I’m in the presence of these girls, and I’m finding that to be such a gift. The ability to be more in the moment is a nice change for my goal-oriented, always-planning-the-next-big-thing self.

3 month baby wearing


Molly_3 months

On another note, I have a newfound appreciation for my mom and every other mom in my life. These first three months have been challenging. I know I’ll always look back on this time as precious for countless reasons, but I’m glad I’ll only have to do the newborn twin thing once (unless of course we have a Roger Federer situation on our hands, in which case, I better get some serious spa time in now.)

Molly and Clara_3 months

As this whole “fourth trimester” thing wraps up, I feel like we’ll be able to muddle through (although never be entirely ready for) anything these little ladies might throw at us. And as we transition into the next month of their life, things around here are starting to get seriously fun – Clara and Molly are becoming little people before our eyes, and it’s like magic to watch it happen. They’re both hovering around the 9 pound mark although they have officially outgrown the kitchen scale. Whereas the first question about the girls from Americans is always whether they are fraternal or identical, in Thailand the first question is always about birth order. Everyone always asks who is the oldest….although Molly’s only got Clara beat by a minute!

Clara_3 months

At three months, the girls have so many new tricks. They’re starting to look at objects and us (hooray!) and really see them. I’ll catch one or both of them tracking me as I move around the room and it’s amazing to think that they are starting to take it all in. They bat their toys and are attempting to put their fingers in their mouths which makes me aware that it’s only a short time before they start chewing on everything. They make so many new little sounds. All the books said that they would start saying “ah-goo”, which I thought was some sort of approximation, but no….they really do say “ah-goo”. And when Molly says “ah-goo” it usually ends in a big smile like she knows exactly how proud we are that she’s done it.

Molly_3 months

We’ve tried reading them books many times since they were born, but just last weekend, the pictures and colors and sound of our voices seemed to hold their attention. This is really exciting for both Frank and I because we both loved books as kids and can’t wait to revisit our favorites. I already get excited thinking about taking them to the library in years to come!

Molly Reading_3 months

As they are able to do more, Molly and Clara are distinguishing themselves in so many ways. For the moment, Molly seems to have a fairly even temperament. She seems to roll with most anything we throw her way, usually happy to lounge and stretch in her crib when I’m feeding Clara and still absolutely loving to be worn in the sling. She snuggles in and falls right asleep. Clara suddenly has this sense about her like she’s got places to go and people to see. Clara no longer seems content in her various little baby seats – she wants to stretch her legs and arms and move. In the past week, she’s developed this phenomenal neck strength and can lift her head up from a reclined position and look around. Frank calls them baby crunches.

Molly_3 Months

Clara_3 Months

One thing that is so distinctive about these past three months is the sheer amount of time we’ve spent talking and thinking about sleep. Like most new parents, I’ve thought about it constantly and loved every night that we got an extra hour. We’ve been really lucky on this front (well, lucky, and very consistent about bedtime routines), and at the three-month mark each girl was only waking up once in the night to eat – Clara at 3am and Molly at 4am. We’re all doing great and feeling SO much more rested than the early days.

Clara_3 months

Frank and I are getting out more and being a little more social after 3 months of mostly being home in newborn-land. We hosted brunch on a Saturday and, thanks to our friend Sarah, had our first solo date night out when the girls were about 12 weeks old. It felt strange and amazing not to have our sweet little ladies out with us in their slings but to know they were safe and sound at home in their beds. We ate steaks and drank Caipirinhas and even talked about things other than babies and sleep deprivation.

date night

All in all, life is good. Tiring and crazy, and

Molly and Clara_3 months

a lot of fun!

Family_3 Months

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  1. I am positive there is no way they could be any cuter. You guys are so blessed. I love reading your blog!

  2. Ohhh Jess they are just so so cute!! I love the yawning picture 🙂 So happy to hear you all are doing well!!

  3. You did it you made it to the 3 month mark! I think it’s a giant achievement for any new parent but with twins. You guys are amazing!!!
    The girls are just beautiful and I think they both look so much like you Jess.
    Everything you said is so true. It’s such a challenging time in the beginning but as they grow and develop their little personalities it is so much fun. Still challenging but so much fun.

    1. Phew – you were so right, Claire – the 3 month mark was huge, and definitely keeps getting more and more fun (and a bit easier to handle – those newborns are tough!).

  4. I so look forward to Molly and Clara updates! What precious little girls! It’s so fun to see how much they’ve grown. Thank you so much for sharing Jess. Wishing you lots of good nights sleep! I now have an urge to go call my identical twin sister 🙂

    1. You’re too sweet, Karista. Go call your sister for sure! Clara smiled at Molly for the very first time yesterday. (Molly didn’t seem interested. 😉 )