Molly and Clara – 1 month

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1 Month Molly and Clara
Last week marked the end of Molly and Clara’s first month!  I’m far from being ready to pull the whole “wow, they grow so fast” cliché because these first few weeks have been long in a number of (mostly exhaustion-induced) ways. And while some of it has been a blur, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

It certainly feels like a rite of passage.  Like we’re rushing the fraternity of new parenthood.

Frank and Jess baby wearing

It’s been incredible to see their personalities emerge even at this early stage.  We’re starting to recognize the little “yip”s that Molly makes in her sleep and the smirk that makes Clara look as if she’s doubting her newbie parents.

Molly sleeping

Clara sleeping

For me, I’m loving that the girls are slowly, with our persistent nudging, finding their way into a bit of a routine, eating every three hours during the day like clockwork and inching towards longer stretches at night.  Both are becoming good little eaters, and I’m feeling more like their mom and less like a collection of parts needed to sustain them.

Our girls are sensitive little souls, loving above all to be held and cuddled.  Clara adores her sling while Molly prefers being held while implementing a very specific bounce/sway/walk combination.

Frank and Clara

As much as I love their big blue eyes, there’s nothing quite as sweet as both of them sleeping soundly side-by-side.

Jess, Molly and Clara 1 month

Having these babies in Bangkok is every bit the adventure I thought it would be.  If I thought the act of walking down a Bangkok street in the hot sun, dodging food carts, and breathing wok-fried chili was crazy before, I never could have dreamed what it would be like with twins.  Frank and I took them to the doctor’s office for their one-month check-up last week which necessitated walking through a stretch of food stalls with our Land Rover of a stroller.  A chorus of “fet” (twin) followed us as every vendor and patron stopped to watch us pass.

Frank with stroller

Molly and Clara slept through the entire thing.

In true new-Mom form, I was far more upset by their one month vaccines than the girls were.  They cried for 10 seconds and calmed right down.  Molly even slept through having her blood drawn.

We also got the great news that both girls are over 6 pounds!  (We weighed them on the kitchen scale a week ago, so I suspected they might be, but it was good to have the doctor-endorsed word.)  Clara is 6 lb. 2 oz. and Molly is right behind her at 6 lb. 1 oz.  No more premie diapers for us!

Jess and the girls 1 month

Best of all, the girls have loved their first visitors!  My mom was here when they were two weeks old…

Jess, mom and the girls

…and their Aunt Ellen (Frank’s sister) is here now!

Jess, Frank and Ellen with the girls

They’re getting lots of love from family near and far.

In the midst of the action I did attempt the ubiquitous monthly photo with, frankly, poor results.  The photo at the top of the post, in which they appear to be conspiring against me was my favorite, but the outtakes are pretty hysterical.

Molly and Clara 1 month

Molly and Clara 1 month

Molly and Clara 1 month

Molly and Clara 1 month

Molly and Clara 1 month


In other news, food posts return this week.  Hooray for a return to real food…or at least to freezer meals.
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  1. OMG. Your twin girls are SO precious. Love all the pictures, expressing themselves! 🙂

    Whats the best thing about having twins?

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girls! I am sure it is exhausting but what serious beauties you have there. I imagine they are full of personality. 🙂 All the best!

  3. I met you through Teresa of food on fifth and writing tour. The twins are adorable and bring back memories. I’ve helped my neighbors raise their identical twin boys who are now 6 1/2. Those first few years were challenging but really awesome. There is nothing like the magic of being with twins. The best thing about them was watching how different they are (although yes lots of similarities) and seeing the individual personalities. Just finished kindergarten and kept together in class, one reads at 4 th grade level, the other one no. But he writes and does art incredibly, so seeing how they have their own talents is rewarding. They are great fun, and everyone loves their company. I wish you the very best with your girls. They will fight for your attention and stick together when you wish they wouldn’t, but they will bring you joy abounding.

  4. Congratulations for your babies! These pics are amazing and your little girls are two lovely dolls!!!! Enjoy every second of them, time DOES fly…..!!!!