Molly and Clara – 10 Months

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Molly and Clara turned 10 months old last weekend.  Frank had to work, so the three of us girls celebrated in style.

Molly and Clara_10 Months
At 7 they were wide awake and chattering, so we started the day off right with play time in our pjs. (It’s like Christmas morning every time they see that box of toys.)

Then we had breakfast.  (Grown-up plate on the left/baby plate on the right.)  I’ve been making a baby-friendly version of the best whole wheat pancakes with no sugar or salt (still delicious).

And took care of some pressing business we had over Skype (i.e. calling the grandparents).

10 Months
At 9, I whisked the ladies back off to bed for a nap…

and destroyed the kitchen with 101 cooking projects.

10 Months
With two little ladies up and ready to hit the town, I attempted to fold the laundry.

10 Months
And succeeded only in entertaining ourselves.

10 Months_
At which point we decided we should attempt the monthly photo.

10 Months Clara and Molly
But Molly and Clara are constantly on the move these days.  Not officially crawling but scooting everywhere they want to go.

10 Months __
It’s hard to get them to hold still for long enough to take a picture.

10 Months ___
But we pushed through.

10 Months _Molly and Clara
And then packed ourselves up and went out for a stroll…and grabbed a coffee (only for the caffeine-eligible in our trio).

10 Months
And went home for lunch and practice with these pouches that we picked up for a trip we’re taking tomorrow!

Molly and Clara 10 Months
Even though it was time for a nap, they couldn’t fully settle down until they had once again pulled all the clothes out of the laundry basket.

Molly Clara 10 Months
After a good 90 minute nap, we went outside to play.  The girls had their first ever ride on the swings.

A huge hit.

Molly and Clara Swings

Clara Swing 10 Months
And at last, back at home for a little bit more playing before bath and bed at 6:30.

Molly and Clara_bedtime
And as exhausted as I was after that day of fun….I missed them as soon as they fell asleep.

10 Months _Cheerios
Because that’s what us parents do.

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  1. That swing photo is brilliant! They are just adorable and I am loving these monthly updates. What a wonderful girl day!

  2. Oh they are just so darn cute! The most beautiful little faces Jess. What a fun, fun age! I remember this age vividly with both my girls. Everything was so magical to them at this age. The expressions, the new words, the little personality traits coming through… all so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these updates! I look forward to each one. 🙂