Looking for a salmon recipe for dinner tonight? Start here. These are the easy, weeknight-friendly salmon recipes that my readers have voted as their favorites.

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How long to cook a salmon fillet

Wondering how long to bake your salmon in the oven? Take out the guess-work with this easy guide. This guide is for salmon fillets measuring about 2.5 inches in the thickest part. These times are best used as a guide for farm-raised Atlantic salmon. See tip below if cooking Sockeye.

Bake at 350°17 to 20 minutes
Bake at 375°14 to 17 minutes
Bake at 400°12 to 14 minutes
Bake at 425°10 to 12 minutes
Bake at 450°7 to 9 minutes
Broil (about 6 inches from the heat source)6 to 8 minutes
Bake in parchment (en papillote) at 375°15 minutes
Bake in foil at 400°20 minutes

Recipe Tip

Wild salmon (like Sockeye) is more lean than farm-raised “Atlantic” salmon. If you’re cooking Sockeye salmon, estimate that it will cook 25% more quickly than farm-raised. Keep a close eye on it to avoid overcooking which will cause Sockeye salmon to dry out.

Try one of these cooking methods

What to try a new method for cooking salmon? Try one of these!

How to tell when salmon is done

The best way to tell if salmon is done is to use an instant-read thermometer to check it in the thickest part of the fillet. It should register 135°F when you remove it from the oven, stove, or grill. The salmon will continue to cook in its own residual heat for a minute or two at which point it will rise to about 145°F which is the safe temperature recommended by the USDA. If you don’t have a thermometer, you know it’s done when it easily flakes apart when pressed firmly with a fork.

Cooking salmon in the air fryer

Your Air Fryer offers a great way to cook salmon.

  • Air Fry fresh (raw) salmon at 400° until it flakes easily with a fork, 6 to 8 minutes. Brush or spray with oil and season before cooking.
  • Air Fry frozen salmon at 375° without seasonings or oil for 7 minutes. Remove the salmon from the air fryer and add oil and seasoning. Return it to the air fryer and cook until it flakes easily with a fork, 4 to 7 minutes more.

What to serve with salmon

Serving salmon as the main dish for dinner? Whether you want a light, chilled side like potato salad, a warm roasted vegetable dish, or herby rice to balance out the meal, all of these recipes pair well with salmon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if salmon is bad?

The best way to tell if salmon is bad is if it is giving off a sour, strong fishy smell. It may also look gray or discolored. Fresh salmon should smell faintly of the sea and have a bright, pink or orange color.

How long can you keep frozen salmon?

Frozen salmon is best if used within 3 months. After 3 months its texture and flavor may suffer but, if it was kept solidly frozen (without defrosting) it should be safe to eat for much longer.

How do I defrost frozen salmon

Remove the salmon from any packaging and place it on a rimmed plate or baking dish in the refrigerator. Cover it to prevent any fishy smells from contaminating any other foods. Let defrost, refrigerated, for 24 hours. Use frozen salmon within two days of transferring it to the refrigerator.

How do I store cooked salmon?

Store cooked salmon in an airtight container in the refigerator.

How long does cooked salmon last in the fridge?

Cooked salmon should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 3 days.

How do I reheat cooked salmon?

To reheat salmon in the microwave, cover it with a vented lid and heat on high for 1 to 2 minutes. To reheat it in the oven, wrap it in a single layer of foil and bake at 400° until warmed through, 20 to 15 minutes.

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