A Day at the Fair

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On Sunday we had a family outing at the fair.  Thai style.  The Thailand Tourism Festival didn’t sound particularly flashy.  But now we have kids, and spending a Sunday afternoon at the fair seems like something people with kids do.  As it turned out, we had a great time.  The stars aligned and we got gorgeous weather, a nice window between naps, and a whole afternoon of great Thai food, dancing, and crafts.

Thailand Tourism Fair

The fair stretched over a large portion of Bangkok’s central Lumpini Park and was divided to showcase each of the country’s regions.  We kept getting “lost” and forgot which region we were in, but in one region or another we saw traditional dancing.

Thailand Tourism Fair

Molly and Clara weren’t so impressed with the dancing…or their stroller…

Thailand Tourism Fair_Twins

Molly wanted to run around with all the kids until I reminded her that she doesn’t know how to walk.

Thailand Tourism Fair_Jess and Molly

Clara eyed some crafts for sale and rocked her elephant bib in honor of the country of her birth.  (Side note: these sweet bandana bibs I found on Etsy have served us well during a rather drooly time.)

Thailand Tourism Fair_Frank and Clara

And of course, no Thai fair would be complete without copious amounts of food.  This particular treat on a stick caught my eye.  When I ask the vendor what it was, she told me it was “kanom” (the universal word for Thai “snack”).

Thailand Tourism Fair

I got excited when I took a sweet, flaky bite and thought it was a deep-fried cinnamon roll.

Until I found a hot dog in the middle.

Thailand Tourism Fair_kanom

There was Pad Thai cooked on a fiery griddle.

Thailand Tourism Fair_Pad Thai

And “kai pam” – omelets cooked in banana leaves.

Thailand Tourism Fair_

And my favorite “kanom krok” – custards cooked in a special round grill pan.  (Though not always cooked by such a jovial woman in charming regional dress.)

Thailand Tourism Fair_kanom krok

And so. many. noodles.

Thailand Tourism Fair_Noodles

And kettle corn.  Which is not a Thai specialty last I checked, but a hot-ticket fair item in any country.

Thailand Tourism Fair_kettle corn

Just like all of our family outings these day, we knew it wouldn’t be complete until half of Bangkok approached us to inquiring about Clara and Molly (yes twins, two girls, 9 months old).  And at least one sweet Thai auntie approached Frank thinking she might “help” hold a baby.

Thailand Tourism Fair_twinlookers

As long as I don’t remind Frank of the 47 hidden elevators we had to traverse to take public transportation to the fair (but it’s so convenient) and the 40 minutes we stood by the side of the road to get a taxi home (surely someone will want to squeeze our 80 pound stroller into their front seat), we’ll have nothing but wonderful memories of the day.

Thailand Tourism Fair_Family

I’m starting to get sentimental as we countdown to our departure from Bangkok later this year, and it’s days like this one that I will certainly miss when we move on to the next adventure.

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  1. I didn’t realise the end of Bangkok was near! What a big change that will be but you must be looking forward to being close to family again. Love the pic of the girls in the pram looking unimpressed. I know that face well!

    1. The news is only recently “out”, Claire – we put it in our Christmas card, so I guess that makes it official. 😉 It will be such a change, but we’re definitely ready to head home!

  2. I loved all your pics. Jessie and of course Molly and Clara. So interesting to see other areas of the Country. Sounds like you love to travel and live in different areas even though it’s your life work. Thanks for sharing Jessie and have a great week.

  3. Likely we shall never meet but I so enjoy your updates on those sweet babies, hard to realize they are already 9 months old and mom and dad seem tb doing fine after almost a full year, you don’t have to worry about the kids, its the parents’ endurance, especially with twins, that one must be concerned with! What an experience you have had, was i your job or your husband’s job that took you to Bangkok? And will you now become an ex pat when you leave there and go to another new foreign land?

    1. Hi Maggie – thank you so much for your sweet note. And you’re SO right – it’s the parents’ endurance that is the challenge – such a good point! It was my husband’s job with the US government that brought us to Bangkok, but I was lucky enough to find a job I love once we got here. We think that a return to the United States is what is in our future – we miss friends and family too much to do this long-term…though it really has been a wonderful experience.