The Little Things: Sweet Tooth

date night

date night part II (mochi cake, espresso, macarons)

caffeine for a late-night airport run (Carolee is here!)

the bar at Longtable

a sunset cocktail, watching a storm blow in

Palm Sunday

A few weeks ago I wrote about my wish to capture a moment in words and pictures.  As Frank and I pass the halfway point of our Thailand adventure, I am struck by the desire to hold on to the bits and pieces of this time.  When we look back, I suspect it will be the “little things” about these two and a half years that define our expat experience.  It will be the scenes of Bangkok rushing past taxi windows, the fragrant spice and buzz of voices from food carts, the dinners with friends on steamy nights, and the moments we spend in what is truly our first “home” together.   “The little things” is a weekly glimpse into our Bangkok life.  This is what happens between the recipes.


  1. Claire @ Claire K Creations says

    I love that date night included macarons! I’ve read up on your Bangkok page but I might have to get some more tips from you. Just 4 weeks til my honeymoon now!

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