When the Easter Bunny Visits the Tropics

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This week started with a couple days of uncharacteristicly cool weather in Bangkok.  On days like that, when the humidity is nearly inperceptible, the sky is clear blue, the breeze is gentle, and the sun is warm, everything in this city is more distinct.  The greens are more green, the bird calls are more cheerful, the food simmering in woks outside is more aromatic.  A cool day in Bangkok is worthy of celebration.

When I walked home from work one night this week, I passed a friend from yoga and stopped to chat.  The scene was downright bucolic (to the extent possible in our urban wonderland).  Kids chased each other in a drive off the main road.  Ladies in plastic sandals sat in the shade nearby.  Motorcycle taxi drivers cracked jokes and snacked on grilled meats on the corner.  Things felt friendly, cool, and peaceful in the early evening light.

All it took was the gentle weather and the neighborhood scene to give me a momentary sense of spring.  Everything feels new and alive here.

Moments like this, I am reminded of just how full of life this city is.  Sure, it is full of people and movementand concrete, in the way that most big cities are.

But it is also full of bright, living things that flourish in this tropical climate.  Everything is growing.

For me, Easter always brings a sense of perspective – of renewal and growth.  Last year we spent Easter in Beijing.  This year we are at the beach with friends.

There are no tulips, no eggs hidden in the grass, no pastel sweaters to wear to church.  But I feel fortunate to be celebrating the way we are.

Today, I’m eating a bit more sugar than I should and feeling the kiss of warm salt air on my cheeks.

It’s not a conventional Easter, but the feeling of Easter morning is the same no matter where we are.

Happy Easter.

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