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Here we are, only Wednesday, but the week has been particularly crazy here in the Inquiring Chef household in Bangkok.  Lots going on with work for both Frank and I.  Yesterday I spent  no less than 3 hours in the car to and from Frank’s office for various events.  Such is the traffic in Bangkok.

Fortunately, our sights are already set on the weekend when my cousin arrives from Boston for a visit.  We’ve got plans to take her to our favorite spots, hit the beach, and eat an excessive amount of Thai food.  (We’ll be taking the camera along for the ride.)

Despite the craziness of the week, there’s been plenty to enjoy in the past couple days.  I had a few minutes to catch my breath in Lumpini Park.  Our unusually mild weather turned scorching over the weekend, but it is 10 degrees cooler in the shade of the park’s massive palm trees (above).  Not to mention that I’m overjoyed Madmen is back on.  I’ve been muttering “zooby zooby zoo” to myself since Monday.

I am also thrilled to share that last week’s homemade bagels (into which we put a serious dent over the weekend) are the Image of the Day today at Gourmet Live.  I love the site and its always-current stories on cooking and entertaining, so consider me one honored food blogger to see my photo front and center.

Friday, I’ve got something really delicious for you – one of my favorite dinners in recent history.  Saturday, I’m signed up for a cooking class at Bo.Lan.

Now, if I can just make it through the week…

Happy Wednesday all!

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  1. Awesome congrats girl! I have never heard of that site…thanks for the heads up…hopping over now to check it out!

    xoxo from Houston (this week)

  2. I am so impressed. My head would explode if I ever got to be featured on Gourmet Live /.

    Major cudos!!!!

  3. Congratulations on being featured. You must be very proud!

    I’ll have to send you an email soon and get your tips on restaurants and must-sees in Bangkok. Not long til our honeymoon!

  4. Oh, I want to try the bagels so bad. Not to mention that I’m completely jealous, she’s coming to visit you. 🙂