Two Years (And Change)…And a Fancy Brunch

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I don’t need an excuse to celebrate the years I’ve spent with Frank and how much more convinced I become every day that marrying him is the best thing I ever did.

But I do need an excuse to go to the Four Seasons for brunch.

Let me first clarify that it is way past our actual two year wedding anniversary.  That day came and went in early June, and we happily celebrated with my family at the beach on Koh Lanta, hiking through the jungle in flip flops, and sipping champagne while watching the sunset.  It was perfect.

Neither Frank or I are particularly prescriptive about how we recognize things like anniversaries, but we love any excuse to celebrate.  We primarily love to celebrate with food and drink.

So when we came back from the beach in June, we thought a belated anniversary celebration might be a good excuse to do something that we otherwise might never splurge on – brunch at the Four Seasons Bangkok.

And splurge we did.  (Both in cash and calories.)

The Four Seasons Brunch was full of all the things that I crave as an expat in Asia.

I made several trips to the incredible cheese platter.  I loved that the brunch was both inside and out.  The courtyard at the Four Seasons is lush and green and has a teeming koi pond.  (The caviar station was placed literally in the koi pond – a little tongue-in-cheek on the part of the Four Seasons perhaps?)


The best of the brunch’s offerings were at the made-to-order meat and fish station.  You could order everything from lamb, to beef tenderloin, to lobster tails, and they had 10 different dipping sauces to go with them.

Even though they had some of the classic breakfast dishes like omelets and waffles, the lunch dishes were the real winners.  And despite the Western foods, the Asian food selection was irresistible.  Frank loaded up a plate with dim sum and Peking duck.

I even couldn’t resist the satay stand where they were making Thai street food and Pad Thai.  (Further proof that, despite the fact that  I have lived in Thailand for nearly two years, I still can never resist Thai food.)

The whole thing was very celebratory (great for an anniversary), with live music playing in the courtyard.

Even though we stuck with sparkling wine, the open bar had lots of tasty drinks, including a selection of flavored simple syrups they were using to make all sorts of cocktails.

Everything was good, but the desserts were by far my favorite part of the meal. (Below: mini fruit tarts, pineapple macarons, lavender marshmallows, Thai iced tea opera cake.)

Despite the extravagance of brunch, we ended the weekend in a perfectly low-key fashion.  Popcorn and tea and movies at home.

It was nearly two months after the official day of our two year anniversary, but the celebration was worth the wait.  (It’s Monday morning, and I’m still in a food coma.)

In honor of our two years (and change), here are a few fun extras:

Atypical advice for a happy marriage (these are brilliant – I especially think #1 makes a whole lot more sense now that I’m married;  thanks to my friend Corey for sharing via a guest post by Sarah)

Last year’s post on our anniversary and wedding

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  1. Congrats! I love that list of atypical marriage advice. It’s so true! Paul and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary next week and the ninth anniversary of our first date shortly thereafter. What a ride that has been!

  2. awe..looks um – amazing (can u see me green with envy?) lol
    Thanks for the fun little shout out too girlie. 🙂

    Just got home from PT and the boot is almost completely off….1 have 1 month to run a half marathon…don’t know if I can do it…but I’m going to try!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. That looks like the perfect way to celebrate! I’m off to read the advice for a happy marriage.