To Spite the Heat

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It’s hot in Bangkok.  You would think we would tire of discussing that around here.  But we never do.  Thais and expats alike – it is immensely satisfying to discuss the sheer intensity of the heat in this town.

This week, the temperature kicked it up a notch, and we are all being reminded that the hot season is on its way.  Just as the memory of last year’s March and April seems to have dulled a bit, I found myself trudging home after work on Friday night, heated through to the core, and with the rosy cheeks to prove it.  I could barely greet my tostada-preparing husband until after a long cool shower.  Such is the nature of this time of year in Bangkok.

This year I’m going to fight it with everything I’ve got.  Hot weather be darned, there’s too much going on in this city to let the hot weather get us down.

To that end, Frank and I kicked off our Saturday night with cocktails 26 floors above the sizzling city, and made our way over to Nara for a Thai feast.

Nara had a bit of style and all the classics, along with a few creative takes on Thai favorites.  We got an extra spicy laab moo, crisp spring rolls (I love how they often make them so thin here), and Panang Curry flavored chicken skewers.

The Tom Yam Gung was my absolute favorite.  It was spicy in the way that sneaks up on you and heats your throat, but the river prawns, sliced in half and buried in that broth were as buttery and sweet as lobster.

As mangos are coming into season and are showing up on every street corner in Bangkok, deep yellow and incredibly sweet, we had to share an order of mango sticky rice for dessert.

Here it is Sunday night.  We are closing out the weekend, relaxed and at home, after an afternoon listening to Irish music at a pub down the street.

Somehow, sitting curled up in a heavily air-conditioned pub, sipping Guinness with friends made the heat outside slip away for a couple hours.

It was a hot, but great weekend.

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  1. That looks like a lovely night out. I might have to add it to my list of restaurants to try in Bangkok. Although at this rate we’ll be eating every hour!