The First One Bites the Dust

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I had thought that if anything could survive in our hot apartment all day it would be an orchid.  They appear to practically grow wild all over Bangkok, so it seemed reasonable that it would thrive here with lots of sun and a healthy bit of water.

Unfortunately, in a matter of two weeks this perky pink orchid that we picked up at church via a donation to the fund for a new building (above, in its first day in our apartment), has already succumbed to some sort of droopy, wilty sadness (shown below in its current state).  The leaves look okay, but those flowers….goners.


I’ve hidden the sad orchid out of range of the hopeful-looking balcony garden seedlings.


Has anyone had more success with growing an orchid inside?  I’d love some tips!



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  1. I am having huge success with three orchids! They are in a sunny window, but don’t get too much direct sun. I also was told they need 2 icecubes of water a day. It slowly soaks them as it melts I guess. I gave up on the icecube technique early, and just opted for a small splash of water each morning (if I can remember). They are doing great!

    One was blooming and then dropped its flowers and its stem died. I continued to water it and about 2 weeks later it sprouted a new stem. I just tied it up to the old pole and it sprouted up fast.That stem is in full bloom now. The other two have had all of their flowers drop too, so I am hoping this is just the cycle and they will sprout again too.

    I seriously am no good with plants, but these seem to be working. I think the daily watering and good sun were the keys. GOOD LUCK! We miss you like crazy in DC! Give your hub a hug for me!

    1. Thanks Lynds! I’ll try moving it to a better spot and do the ice cube trick. You reminded me that I had heard that before, but haven’t been doing it! We miss you guys too, and always think of you when we pass the Shangri-La! 😉

  2. I struggle with the two in my apt but I do know that they don’t like direct sunlight. You can also buy orchid food to use when watering which is supposed to help. Not sure why I’m providing tips since I can’t get mine to flower 🙁

    1. You’ve never gotten them to flower? Hmmm, you’re making me think that mine is destined to be a green plant.