Sandwich Night

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sandwich fixings on a white tray

The skies over Bangkok are angry this week.  Last night, booming thunder and bursts of lightning shook our little apartment so frequently, that I was wide awake for a good couple hours around midnight.  It was all the talk at the office this morning.  Seems that no one slept well in this city last night.

A sleepless night of loud storms leads to a grumpy population that is all the more disheartened when, at 5pm the following day, the sky takes on a distinctly greenish black hue (which, incidentally, in my state of Kansas would mean a tornado is imminent).

I had a wet walk home.

wet walk in Bangkok

I had plans tonight to make Melissa Clark’s seemingly simple Roasted Broccoli with Shrimp.

It’s simple, except when the prospect of de-heading and peeling all of your shrimp is about as appealing as slogging back to your office in your already-saturated favorite Target flats.

wet shoes and a purple umbrella

After a hot shower in my nice dry apartment, I scrapped the shrimp and broccoli plan and pulled out our favorite dinner trick.  A platter of sandwich fixins’ for a make-your-own sandwich night.  With these rolls from the freezer, a few favorite toppings, and a quick-roasted batch finely chopped squash, dinner was done and I had written this blog post in the amount of time it took Frank to go for a run (in the nice dry gym).

Take that rainy season.

P.S.  In September, a year ago, I wrote another blog post about changing dinner plans thanks to the rain.  Guess I should have seen it coming.  😉

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    1. I bet you will, Karista. But I’ll be jealous of the excuse you’ll have to curl up in front of the fire! Maybe you’ll have to have that husband of yours fly you somewhere warm and sunny. 😉