Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

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The weather in Bangkok has turned from a pattern of unpredictable brief storms to a set-your-watch by it monsoon at precisely the time I leave my office every day.  On days like this I walk out of my office and contemplate hopping in a taxi to sit in traffic with every other like-minded commuter.  But most of the time, I just embrace the moment and walk out into the downpour.

As inconvenient as the storms may be (and as much terrible flooding as the rain has caused up North), there is something about being caught out in the elements as fat, warm drops fall on my skin that makes me marvel at the power of this climate, and remember that even in a city as modern as Bangkok, mother nature is still in charge.  As I was walking through the gray-green light this afternoon, with rain muting every city sound, I wanted to drop the umbrella, throw my arms up to the sky, and smile at the beauty of it all.

And when I reached home, my arms and legs as warm and soaked as if I’d just stepped out of a Texas swimming pool in the middle of July, F and I agreed to throw in the towel (and throw one over our wet heads).  Our Wednesday date-night plans were instantly traded for hot showers, Indian food brought to our door, and cold beers at home.

Bring on the rain.

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1 Comment

  1. Sounds great – date night in – love those!
    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. How’s the new job going?