Introducing Molly and Clara

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Molly and Clara 2 weeks

Greetings from the other side of some kind of newborn time-warp. When I came up for air this week, we had two three-week olds who are starting to take in the world (which for them is mostly just our apartment) and with whom I am completely in love.

Molly and Clara newborn

It seems that my arms are virtually always occupied by a baby these days, and when they’re not, I like to do something really frivolous. Like take a shower.

This blog has been neglected, but I sense that we’re finding our way into a new sort of normal.

Frank and babies in carriers

So after a bit of a delay, I’m thrilled to introduce Molly Margaret and Clara Jane, born April 21 at 2:35pm and 2:36pm, respectively.

April 21 is also my birthday, which means that it will forever be a cake-filled day for our family.

Molly newborn

Clara newborn

Molly and Clara have, of course, kept us busy these past few weeks. It’s been a blur of diapers and feeding and too-short naps. As much as I can, I’m soaking up these cuddly newborn days when they love being held and make adorable milk-drunk faces and squeak in their sleep.

Frank and molly newborn

Jess and Clara newborn

Even though there is hardly time now to reflect much about these newborn days, I am aware of the significance of this fleeting time when they are so small and so new. It’s been amazing. I wouldn’t trade a single sleep-deprived moment.

Molly and Clara tummy time

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  1. Congratulations! Your girls are so precious. I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog. I’m 40.5 weeks pregnant and your pictures make me more excited than ever to meet my little boy.

    1. Thanks so much for your note, Joy!! And congratulations on your little guy – sounds like he will be here any day! It’s been so much fun – you have lots to look forward to. 🙂

    1. Yes Lyn!!! Can’t wait to see you guys – we’re finally getting back out and about over here, so let’s get together soon. Miss you two!

  2. They are so so beautiful! Congrats to you guys!! And I just LOVE that you share a birthday with them – so special!

  3. oh my word, too much cuteness to take in! congrats Jess! They’re precious. Looking forward to more updates!

  4. They’re so beautiful, Jess! And I love that you share a birthday with your girls. How lovely!