Introducing June

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Molly, Clara and baby June

She’s here, she’s here!

Actually, she’s been here for two weeks, but who has time to sit down at a computer with a newborn and two four-year-olds around? 😉

baby june sleeping

June Susan joined our family on July 26 at 8:16am. She was 7lb 10oz and arrived with a full head of hair!

baby June

She’s a snuggly baby who sleeps a lot and makes adorable little purring noises. Though we are all absolutely in love with her, big sisters Molly and Clara are particularly enamored.

Molly, Clara and June

They’d like to constantly hold her and have upended a number of June’s naps with enthusiastic kisses and hugs.

Frank and I picked out the name June a couple of years ago, even before we knew we would have another child. Susan is my mom’s middle name. We talked about many other first names before she arrived, but ultimately we realized her name was always meant to be June. The current rotation of nicknames include “Jun-ee” and June-bug. As it turns out, June is a great name for transforming into cute nicknames!

baby June sleeping

Thank you all for the well wishes after we shared the news on Instagram! We’ll get back to the blogging routine (and surely more baby pics) soon!



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  1. Found your blog site today, I was looking for inspiration for dinner, what a lovely site, you are very blessed with 3 beautiful princesses. I have enjoyed getting to know you all, thank you for sharing. Good luck and God bless. Xx

  2. June is so cute and sweet! I love these pictures of her and of her proud big sisters. How precious! Thanks for the update.

  3. Congratulations Jess! What a beautiful baby girl. And how wonderful for Molly and Clara. Enjoy the cuddles, love, chaos and activity!