Election Day

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Greetings from Thailand where today is a big day.  Election Day.

Because we, obviously, cannot vote in Thailand this really only means one significant thing in our weekend.  That we will be staying out of the way of so that our Bangkok neighbors and friends can make their way to the polls.

The build-up to election Sunday has been visible everywhere in Bangkok.  The biggest election posters I have ever seen (all of them at least 10 feet tall) were stacked 20 deep fanning out from every intersection.  Seeing as I can’t read Thai, I could only imagine what the posters said, although many made me very curious.  The one with monkeys in suits was particularly curious, as were the ones of one candidate in which he looks very stern and is pictured, alternately, with a stern-looking baby or an even more stern-looking dog.

Cars with loudspeakers drove around all month, blasting music and campaigning for the candidates.

Thai election Sunday also meant that there were no alcohol sales beginning on Saturday night.  Which meant that we could focus our energies on another other (and arguably better) indulgences.  Specifically, a 90 minute massage and a marathon evening of chocolate chip cookie baking.

Friends in Thailand – I wish you a positive and safe election day.

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  1. Sorry for blowing up your blog (guess it’s the flipside of Freshly Pressed fame!) and for the shameless plug, but if you and “Bubby” are interested I’ve actually just posted on the crazy animal posters– they were encouraging Thais to vote “No” at the ballots, as all of the candidates could be likened to wild beasts.
    If you want to check it out: https://thaimeofmylife.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/the-no-vote/

  2. Those photos were awesome! I also wish I knew what those said. What is up with alligator in a suit, crazy? Looks pretty brutal, but also very entertaining to the bystanders.