Delightful Things

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1) The adorable fist-sized pineapples I bought this morning (they don’t taste as good as the big ones, but are much more fun).
2) The aftermath of the fried chicken oil spill at what is known as the “Jesus Fried Chicken” street cart on our corner.  It left a faint, lingering smell of fried chicken which makes me want more of this.
3) My misunderstood smoothie order today, which got me something even better than what I ordered – lime smoothie with strawberry Jello blended in.
4) Tomorrow being Chakri Day.  Like all of the (abundant) Thai holidays it snuck up on me and I had to google it to make sure I knew what I was celebrating.
5) Shanghai Girls by Lisa See – I can’t put it down!
6) The lady who does our dry cleaning finally appears to know who I am.  She even spelled my name (almost) right on the ticket.  Jassica, Jessica….so very close.
7) I’ve been experimenting with chocolate chip cookie recipes.  Stay-tuned for the result, but no one around here is complaining about the taste-testing required for this endeavor.
8) The great Ipad epic has come to an end.  The Ipad arrived TODAY.  (Along with so many thoughtful other things from family and friends – we are feeling totally spoiled!)
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