Blessings both Big and Small

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In less than twelve hours, I plan to follow the lead of these guys.  But don’t worry, you won’t see me napping in a hammock in the back of a truck.

Oh no….you’ll find me on the beach, with an umbrella-topped drink in hand.

That’s because, for the first time since moving to Thailand, F and I are cashing in on one of the greatest advantages of living in this tropical paradise.  The last-minute beach getaway.

This morning I was walking in the bright sunshine and got to feeling particularly thankful.  First, because it is Friday.  Friday seemed a distant dream at earlier points in this hectic week.

But I am also feeling so very thankful for my family who are too far away, but always seem much closer after a little time on Skype.  I particularly loved talking to the two of my three sisters who had birthdays this week – Happy Birthday girls!

I am thankful for the new job that I just began.  Did I mention that my stint as a lady of leisure has come to an end?  I am happy to be headed back to work, although it has thrown my laid-back, yoga-clothes-wearing, extended-lunch-indulging schedule for a loop (see the aforementioned hectic week).  The good news is that the job is fantastic and the view from the window nearest my desk is of the breezy tops of palm trees.

This week I also feel grateful for some small successes.  Particularly my brief, yet complete, chat with the key man early one morning during which he understood that I needed 3 copies of my key (for house guests coming in the next few months – you know who you are!), and I understood that it would cost 75 baht, and when I got home, the keys slid right into the door, which is a big win in a country where very little seems to get accomplished on the first try.  In truly charming Thai fashion, the key man sits at a moveable cart on the corner and is practically hidden from view by thousands of old, rusty keys.

And last, but most certainly not least, I am thankful for the whim that struck and the alignment of stars that resulted in F and I to booking tickets to a beach resort in the south barely 24 hours before departing.  After the final click to purchase the flight, I was informed that I could go ahead and check-in.  In a world where my trips are usually booked months in advance and my bags are packed 3 days early, this stroke of spontaneity is thrilling (and, I fear, somewhat addictive).

And so we’re off!

Have a lovely weekend!

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