How to Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar 

Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar for your next cold weather gathering. Provide stir-in ingredients, toppings, and even alcohol if you’d like so that everyone can customize their own drink.

The sky is the limit, but when you're setting up a hot chocolate bar, try a few of these additions:

Stir-In Ingredients – Caramel Sauce – Chocolate Sauce – Butterscotch Chips – Nutella – Speculoos / Cookie Butter – Peanut Butter

Garnishes – Mini Candy Canes – Mini Chocolate Chips – Marshmallows – Fresh Whipped Cream – Piroulines or other Wafer Cookies – Crushed Oreos – Chopped Heath – Chopped Andes Mints

Alcohol for Cocktails – Mezcal – Bourbon – Bailey’s

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Hot to Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar

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Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate