In the Words of a Three Year Old

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Molly and Clara

Good morning from sunny Kansas City! Frank and I are in the middle of a text debate about Halloween costumes. It’s more than a month away, but the costume requests keep changing. Molly is lobbying to be a flamingo (???).

(Pro parents out there – any tips on costumes? At some point do you make them lock it in?)

Our three-year-olds are saying the most random things these days. Molly and Clara will be 3 1/2 next month and here are just a few pearls of wisdom they’ve had for us in recent weeks.

Molly and Clara

Looking out at a parking lot post-rainstorm…
Molly: It’s a very puddly day.

After we packed up the guest room following a visit from Frank’s mom…
Clara: Where’s Mimi’s bed?
Jess: Downstairs.
Clara: Downstairs?
Jess: We’ll make it for her when she comes again.
Clara: When she’s comin’ round the mountain?

Driving past a bunch of cows…..
Frank: Look at all those cows.
Clara: No dad. Those are rhinoceroses.

While rescuing a noisy cricket we found in the basement…
Clara: That was an interesting sound.
Jess: Crickets do make an interesting sound. What do they sound like?
Molly: …..Santa

On taco night…
Frank: These are taco shells.
Clara: Can I have some taco sea shells?
Molly: Can I have some tuxedos?

About the man who was painting our kitchen….
Clara: Is Mr. Paint coming today?

Molly: What time o’clock is it?

Clara: Can I have a sip of your water so I can sneeze?

Molly and Clara

P.S. On a Halloween note, think there’s any chance they’ll let me squeeze them into those pumpkin costumes from last year?Molly and Clara_Halloween 2016

Or the ladybugs from the year before?

Molly and Clara_Halloween 2015



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  1. You will never have sweeter times than these! I have two grown sons, and found them fascinating and funny at every age as they grew up. But you have a double-header going there, twice as much fun every day!