Molly and Clara – 3 Years

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Molly and Clara_3 Years

Okay, so Molly and Clara have actually been three years old for over a month now. The fact that they’re getting older, and oh-so-busy can be felt in just how long it took me to compile a few photos and write some thoughts about these two ladies who are growing up so fast.

It was such a busy spring that we opted for no Pinterest-worthy birthday celebrations. Their day started with balloons and breakfast. And the true mark that they had turned three – Clara rolling her eyes at her mom trying to snap pictures first thing in the morning.

Molly and Clara_3 Years

And then had a fun evening at home with family + dinner + lots of chocolate cupcakes. Their teachers made them birthday crowns that made frequent appearances even long after the birthdays passed.

Because who doesn’t like to wear a crown while taking care of a few household chores.

Clara_3 Years

Frank and I got Molly and Clara a water table for their birthday which I highly recommend. It’s so much easier to set up and play with than a baby pool. A bunch of inexpensive Amazon bath toys have provided hours of entertainment for kids…

Molly_3 Years

and dads…

Molly and Clara_3 Years

The girls have been going through a fairly sassy stage which I believe was only magnified by the sassy new haircuts we got them the week they turned 3. (Like any toddler haircut worth its salt, this one came with neon blue lollipops.)

Molly and Clara_3 Years

The above photo is also the only documentation that the girls actually had Easter shoes. They wore them all day the Friday before Easter and then declared them too uncomfortable to wear to church on the actual holiday.

And as much as Molly and Clara love dresses “that twirl,” they love the outdoors, exploring and getting dirty.

Molly_3 Years

Clara_3 Years

They have some great friends and they really admire older kids. They do their best to keep up with them and play an ongoing game where they tell us they are “not Molly and Clara” but ask to be called the name of some other older buddy.

Molly and Clara_3 Years

The best part about the girls getting older is watching their friendship grow. These two have their moments of sibling frustrations, but most of the time they’re attached at the hip and love one another with total, adoring enthusiasm.

We’re so excited to see what the next year brings for these two ladies!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Molly and Clara! They are so gorgeous Jess. I love that you described their new three year old personalities as a little sassy. 🙂 I love a little sass! I also think this must come naturally to girls as I’ve always referred to my daughters as my two sassy gals. Lol! Oh and those haircuts! So adorable.

  2. Happy 3rd birthday, Molly and Clara. What a fun update! I love the pictures. Your girls are way too cute.

  3. We have followed your little girls for three years and love your pictures and also really love your recipes