Fresh Spring Roll Wrappers

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Now, so as not to be misleading, let me be clear.  I had nothing to do with the making of these beautiful spring roll wrappers.  In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that this is not something that I will ever do myself.  I had never even given the making of spring roll wrappers much thought, until this morning.  This morning I took a cooking class which was great fun, and very informative.  However, the most interesting part of the class was a brief outing to a neighborhood shop in which a woman was cranking out fresh spring roll wrappers at a rate so fast that I could barely capture it in pictures.  It’s very much like making crepes, as you will see.

It took a few tries to catch it, but now I bring you, the making of fresh spring roll wrappers, in pictures:

Step 1:  Dip hand into a giant tub of gooey batter (flour, water and a bit of salt).

Step 2:  Juggling the wobbly, loose batter in one hand, swipe a circle on the hot grill.  (This is no Parisian crepe stands friends – no batter poured from a pitcher at a safe distance.)

Step 3:  Peel one side of the wrapper off the grill quickly (so as not to burn fingers).  Toss to friend who will stack them in a perfect spring roll wrapper tower.

Step 4: Fill with deliciousness.  While these little guys are still warm, you can fill them with this feathery light, slightly coconut-flavored sugar for a soft, sweet treat with a bit of crystalized crunch.

I loved the entire experience so much that I bought a kilogram of wrappers to bring home.  Don’t expect much cooking out of this kitchen over the weekend.  We will be eating spring rolls.

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  1. Hi, Jess.
    Great discovery, I’ve been trying to figure out how the Chinese chef in a vegetarian restaurant near my house do those really thin raw spring rolls. Now I know, thanks to you. He never give access to his kitchen and he speaks only chinese and I only portuguese, so we have this communication problem. Great blog.

    1. Thanks, Marcelo! I was so amazed to see how this is done as well – I never tire of watching people make these – it is truly an art form!