Another Thai Holiday?

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This morning I walked outside and the world seemed…off.  The streets were abnormally quiet.  The football team’s worth of motorcycle drivers that line up at the end of our street to jet passengers around the city had diminished in number to a mere two or three.  The glorious smells drifting from the food carts on our corner were noticeably absent.

As if the big news of the day was not enough to have singularly given the impression that the world had shifted in some undefinable way, Bangkok itself seemed out of sorts.

At first I contemplated that the cool weather in China had brought about a spring cleaning of my Bangkok perspective.  Perhaps all that brisk, cool air blew away my occasionally defeatist attitude towards this noisy, chaotic place in which I live?

As it turned out, it was not my perspective that had changed at all.  In reality, yet another Thai holiday was making an appearance.  Labor Day (I later discovered).  And you know what I think about all these holidays?  Bring it on Thailand – the more the better.  It’s actually not a bad gig to live in a country that celebrates 15+ holidays per year while you also get to celebrate the handful of holidays recognized by the US.  Lots of celebrating around these parts.

However, this morning’s events did help me to realize that I need to stay more informed.  Public holidays (and the business closures that accompany them) make it all the more difficult to drop off my dry cleaning and pick up an iced coffee in the morning.

Did I mention that Thursday is another one?  May 5 is Coronation Day – mark your calendars, friends.  And should you be out celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a few margaritas on Thursday, please also raise a glass to the King.

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