Singapore: A Second Visit

Our internet has been down at home all week.  Despite the hours Frank has spent on the phone with the internet company (gesticulating wildly and explaining the problem in English and as much Thai as he can manage), for the moment we are unplugged.  No New York Times, no Facebook, no food blog reading for me.  It makes me wonder how I would have done as an expat in Bangkok before we could be constantly in touch with the world.  

It’s Saturday morning, and we are camped out our local coffee shop, eating Pad Thai and getting in a bit of emailing and blog updating.  Beginning with this – pictures from last weekend’s getaway to Singapore.  It was our second visit, so we did less sightseeing and more sampling of both local and not-so-local fare.  We also had tickets to Avenue Q, a musical we saw in New York years ago when we were just dating, but were both excited to see again.  Last time we saw the show, the couple seated next to us was so scandalized that they left during intermission, but the crowd in Singapore seemed to love the show’s quirky, bawdy humor.

As with our last visit, I couldn’t get enough of Singaporean “carrot cake” (a stir-fry with chopped bits of radish and rice flour cake as the base).  In the second picture on the left below is a duo of carrot cake – a “black carrot cake” with nectar of the gods sweet black sauce and a “white carrot cake” that is similar to an omelet.  We had incredible chicken rice with lots of dipping sauces, hand-pulled noodles, mango pudding, dim sum, and one very popular street snack that was a block of ice cream wrapped in a piece of white bread (I didn’t get the appeal of that last one).  We also explored the new, futuristic botanical gardens behind the space-ship looking Marina Bay Sands and had an outrageous meal that started with appetizers and cocktails at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut.

As with the last time we went, I’m already planning our next trip.

For blog posts from our last trip to Singapore click here.


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      So true – it really is impossible to stop. I can only handle it in short bursts – I don’t know what I would do if I lived there!

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