Getting Our Tea On

Wednesday, May 2 – Kolkata/Darjeeling

Now that I’m slightly more well-versed on India (just slightly, mind you), I’ve nixed calling it “Calcutta”, and have been calling it Kolkata, the way it is written/pronounced here.

(Why are we taught such altered versions of the names of places?  Does anyone know?  Even WordPress spell-check flagged “Kolkata” as incorrect, but not “Calcutta”.  Although we call the city where we live “Bangkok”, it’s actually “Krungtheep” in Thai.  We’re all over the place, us English-speaking travelers.  Excuse me.  Back to Kolkata.)

Today we are spending the day in Kolkata as a stop-over on our way to the part of the trip that I have been most looking foward to!  Three nights on a Tea Estate in Darjeeling!  We are taking an overnight train up, up, up high into the mountains.  I’ll check in once we get there!


In the meantime, if you haven’t yet seen my new Holidays page, I wanted to draw your attention to some fun updates I made over there.  Holidays and celebrations have always been important to me, but living in the tropics without the seasons that I am accustomed to, they are particularly special.  Now in our second year in Bangkok, we try to do all the holidays – both American and Thai – in a big way.  Now all of our celebrations are recorded in one place!


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