Dessert for All

I think I can officially say it.  The center of Bangkok has made it through the threat of flooding safe and sound.  The water they predicted may come as far into the city as our apartment never came.  Many other neighborhoods are still underwater, and we are helping in any way that we can.

Perhaps the people in the building across the street will catch on and find somewhere to send these emergency kayaks that are still sitting around outside.

Since we started the week with the biggest candy-fest of the year, I thought you might not be quite ready to give up the sweets cold-turkey. Which is why I thought today would be a fitting day to share a dessert completely unlike the junk that you (okay, me) might have eaten on Monday.

As you know if you have been reading this blog for long, I believe that what we eat is very personal.  I support anyone and everyone in making the decisions that are right for them, but I am always overjoyed to see irresistible foods that we can all eat.  I love the sweet trickery of those bakeries that are starting to pop up, serving only vegan baked goods that no one would ever guess were vegan.  This is why it was, with great curiosity, that I started following Chocolate-Covered Katie – a vegan dessert blog that, from the pictures, you would never guess is vegan.  In truth, I didn’t totally buy that any of those desserts would taste good, but Katie is gaining quite a following, and I find myself checking in over there several times a week.

Perhaps my curiosity finally got the best of me.  Or perhaps it was just the abundance of free time that resulted from a weekend indoors, hiding out from floodwaters that never came.  Either way, I caved last weekend and made Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie that contains a secret ingredient I never thought would work.

But it did.  I made these for Frank and I (in a muffin tin instead of a pie dish) on Saturday, and F commented on how good they were not once, but twice.  When I finally told him that they contained no flour, no butter, and the mystery ingredient, he said he never would have guessed it.  They were really delicious.  I won’t be giving up the butter or flour any time soon, but it’s reassuring to know that desserts like this exist.

Can you guess what the mystery ingredient is?  Go peek at her Deep Dish Cookie Pie to find out!

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